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Why is Everybody Always Picking on Us?

This book , ‘Why is Everybody Always Picking on Us?’ explores the roots of prejudice. I don't think I've seen another book like it. This book looks at stereotypes, bigotry, discrimination, scapegoating, racism, and more.  How wonderful if this book could be used in one's social studies classroom!

American Pride Through Education

Why is Everybody Always Picking on Us?

Understanding the Roots of Prejudice

The first book of its kind to explore the roots of prejudice. For young people ages 8-14 who are interested in understanding how prejudice is created, through conditioned thinking. This book offers:

  • Insights into what motivates prejudice
  • Insights to understand prejudice and its consequences
  • Ways to help young people free themselves of prejudice

This book is also for adults to help young people see how conditioning and prejudice affect us all.Illustrated by Award-winning artist, Rod Cameron.