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Are We Born Hardwired for War? Is War in Our DNA?

Are We Born Hardwired for War? Is War in Our DNA?

A Special Curriculum For Young People To Help Them Understand Their War-Like Feelings


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Am I Changing My Genes?

  • Genes – not the kind you wear – are units of heredity in our bodies that exist on our DNA. They create a code of who and what we are.
  • EPIGENETICS is the study of changes in our gene activity that are usually passed from one generation to the next.
  • What this means is that what’s encoded in our genes can change due to certain things that go on in our life.
  • Every organism, including humans, has a GENOME that contains all the biological information needed to maintain a living example of that organism.
  • The biological information contained in a genome is encoded in its DNA and divided into units called GENES.
  • An EPIGENOME sits on top of each genome in our body. These marks tell our genes to switch on or off.
  • That said, do you think it’s possible that an epigenetic mark can switch off the “combat/fight/ battle” gene?
  • If diet and stress leave marks on our genes that are passed from one generation to the next, why not our “fight” gene?
  • Do you think its possible that learning how to be AWARE, and to be IN THE MOMENT can genetically change our deeply held pattern for violence and war – and turn us into peaceful beings?
  • Can our brain heal itself by being AWARE of its deepest fears?
  • Is it possible for our DNA to get unstuck from old patterns?