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How Do We Create Warriors?

"Upon peace the very life of the world depends, perhaps even the progress or decay of our entire civilization."

Maria Montessori, Educator

"Give me the first seven years of a child's life... "

Adolph Hitler, Dictator

It’s important, in trying to find out how conditioned thinking creates warriors, not to judge or blame any person, any group of people, any country or race. Blame is destructive for it only breeds hate—not understanding.  It’s understanding—seeing the truth of what is actually happening—that will free us. Is this a fact or a belief? How will you find out? By questioning?

This Exhibit demonstrates how conflict created by conditioned thinking emanating from the biological brain is no one’s fault – it’s not a “personal moral shortcoming” – it’s the fault in the brain’s system, in its malfunctioning primitive biological make up, that is not working correctly. It can be called a systemic defect in that the human brain is defective, operating on an archaic program, driven to survive in this erroneous way, making it unaware that it is causing conflict.

In order to see this in operation we need to be aware of how we have been psychologically conditioned to activate this archaic biological program. In so doing we have the opportunity to be free of its influence and live a life of peace by understanding what prevents it. This is what this Exhibit is about.

In this section, we are going to do a "science project" called "Operation Warhawk." In this experiment you will need to imagine that you will be taking an "empty robot" and creating a warrior (like Dr. Frankenstein did to create the "monster"). You will be given the "parts" or "pieces" (nuts and bolts) to put together this robot (which can be either a man or woman robot—for this operation or experiment it will be a "man"—for this has been the typical warrior in the past. Sadly, now women warrior robots are being made.)

Let's see what we come up with—remember your job is to build and program a warrior—to "condition" it with all the necessary things that will make it do what you want: to kill! Your robot starts out with nothing in its memory banks (like a baby). Whatever "data" you expose to your robot will be stored away in its memory banks, so that when confronted by a new situation it will be able to sort through its memory to decide how to behave. By the time your "adult" robot is ready to perform, its memory banks will be full of a great deal of material to help it "think" and act.

Remember a very important fact: without warriors, there can be no wars. Who is the warrior? What is a warrior made of? What image do we have about this warrior? Is it someone who can protect us from our “enemy?” Let's create this warrior, from it’s beginning! Then we'll know!

Activity: Operation Warhawk — a Science Project

  • Pretend you are a scientist, an inventor. Your project is to create a warrior, a robot that will kill other people when you say so. Let's call this robot Warhawk.
  • How would you turn this robot into an armed, trained killer?
  • What would you have to do to make Warhawk think like a military soldier?
  • Supposing Warhawk has a computer for a brain, how would you train it, brainwash it, condition it?
  • What kinds of thoughts would Warhawk think? What kinds of words would Warhawk say? How would Warhawk act?

The Child Robot Warrior

  1. Warhawk starts out as a child robot. Where will you get programmed information to fill his or her brain and help him or her to react "properly" on the battlefield some day when he or she is an adult robot?
    • War comics?
    • War movies?
    • War games and videos?
    • War toys?
    • War hero images?
  2. Will you need to create the young Warhawk's allegiance to a flag (a symbol of tribal identification) and country (a tribal territory) as well as a desire to defend these to the death, if necessary?
  3. Will the young Warhawk need to be programmed to feel honorable reasons to go to war?
  4. Will child Warhawk need to learn how to get angry, violent, tough?
  5. Will this robot have to learn how to fight, punch, kill?
  6. Who will Warhawk's heroes be?
  7. Will this warrior play with toys that encourage fighting?
  8. What lessons do you hope to teach the robot when he watches those cartoons on television in which pretend creatures fight instead of working out solutions to their problems?
  9. Will Warhawk have to learn to love violence? If so, how?
  10. What normal, healthy human responses to fear and violence will need to be eliminated from your robot so it can automatically kill?

Child WarriorsAre We Priming Our Children’s Brains for Violence? 

Are we, by allowing our children to be exposed to violence on TV, setting up an environment that physically changes the brain by making it ‘good at’ thinking violently? In doing so, are we also increasing the possibility that the next generation of children will inherit a brain adapted physically to warlike thinking?

Creating the Child Warrior brain

According to Activision, the owner of Call of Duty, based on data collected from various platforms over the lifespan of the series, Activision found players cumulatively spend the equivalent of 1900 years playing Call of Duty... every day.

In that amount of time in the real world, multiple empires have fallen, the New World was discovered, automobiles were invented and computers shrank from the size of a warehouse to fit in the palm of your hand. And all you did was wrack up a 27-kill streak. 

Also according to Activision, 18 billion multiplayer matches have been played in Call of Duty. And over 100 million people have played Call of Duty. That’s a larger population than most countries!

Call Of Duty – Facts That Will "Blow Your Mind!


Parents - Raising Warriors

Fathers - Raising Warriors

Men constitute the majority of warriors today and in the past. Let's look first at how men as fathers have been an influence in the creation of warriors.

  • Do you think men are born with more aggression than women?
  • Are men more easily turned into warriors?
  • Are young boys turned into warriors when they start to play at war?
  • When a father says to his son "Be a man!" what does he mean?
  • In what competitive activities do males typically participate that might promote warlike behavior.
  • What "manly" images does the media present to boys?
  • How is a boy raised to treat other boys?
  • How is a boy raised to treat girls?
  • What pressure are fathers under to have their sons be warriors?
  • Would a son who refused to be a warrior be looked on as a coward, a deserter, and a failure in the eyes of his community, his country, and his race?

Mothers - Raising Warriors

Many people believe that only men are violent and warlike. They believe that women, especially mothers, have little or nothing to do with their sons (and now daughters) becoming warriors. Is this true? Let's look at this role mothers play in raising warriors:

  • Do mothers encourage their sons to fight for their country? If so, how?
  • Does such encouragement start with wanting him to win, to be successful, to be a "man," the protector of the homeland, race and nation?
  • How does a mother's image of herself as a "good" mother, bringing up a "good" son, enter into her thinking?
  • Is her image of a "good" son one who would be willing to give up his life for his country, his race?
  • Is a mother afraid that she and her family will be outcasts from society if they don't conform in this way?
  • How do caring mothers send their children off to kill men, women, children, and destroy homes, cities, and countries—or to die a horrible death?
  • Some people think that if women ran the world, there would be no more wars. Are women more naturally gentle than men?
  • Do women contribute to making a warrior?
  • Is a military man in uniform appealing to women? Does this encourage men to join the military?
  • Do women now want to be like men and also "fight for peace"? In some countries women can join or are forced to join the military. Although women are now more actively engaged in the military, they usually hold noncombat positions.

The Adult Robot Warrior

  1. To program Warhawk to grow into an adult warrior, will you need to teach the warrior to be:
    • Tough?
    • Cool?
    • Unfeeling?
    • In charge or in control?
    • The boss?
    • Fearless?
  2. Will Adult Warhawk believe that:
    • Might is right?
    • Death is preferable to dishonor?
    • Country and race come first?
    • It's important to be aggressive and competitive with other people?
  3. Will your adult robot:
    • Follow orders or give them?
    • Respect all authority or ask questions?
    • Hang around other warriors or mix with all kinds of people?
    • Handle problems with brawn or try to talk them out?

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was a series of fortifications built to protect China from its enemies and invaders from the North, especially the Mongols, and other various nomadic groups.  

The Mongols were tribal group that would regularly conduct raids into China... All the walls were built for the purpose of military defense, and the Great Wall of China was no exception. 

Over 2,000 years, many imperial dynasties and kingdoms built, rebuilt, and extended walls many times that subsequently eroded. The latest imperial construction was performed by the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), and the length was then over 6,000 kilometers (3,700 miles). 

Warrior Language

Robot Warrior Slogans:

  • "Mess with the best, die with the rest."
  • "Death before dishonor!"
  • "My life for freedom!"
  • "Kill 'em all, and let God sort 'em out!"
  • "Mercenaries never die, they just go to Hell to regroup."
  • "Peace through tyranny!"

Special Warrior Doubletalk:

  • Friendly fire (Killing your own troops by mistake)
  • Smart bombs (Bombs with computerized tracking capability
  • Military intelligence (Thinking of ways to kill)
  • Freedom fighters (Terrorists)
  • Cookie cutter (Neutron bomb)
  • Peacemaker (MX missile)
  • Christmas Tree Farm (24 nuclear-armed missiles on a Trident submarine)
  • Star Wars or Peace Shield (A nuclear "umbrella" of bombs to blow up incoming "enemy" bombs)
  • "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" (Names of the two Atomic bombs that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War)
  • Ethnic cleansing (Killing people)

Can you think of others? Have you seen others in newspapers or heard them used on television news broadcasts? Are acts of extreme violence hidden in "friendly" terms?

Special Warrior Training

Then you will have to put Warhawk through special warrior training so it can learn how to kill:

  • Put it into a room with other robots.
  • Give it the same uniform as the others have.
  • Take away anything that makes it look like an individual robot.
  • Humiliate and harass your robot constantly.

  • Call your robot a "Momma's boy."
  • Tell your male robot that female robots are soft, weak and good for only one thing.
  • Tell your female robot it can wear a uniform but it will not be able to do everything a man does.
  • Tell your robot it's a "real jock."
  • Give your robot chants, pledges and rituals that make it sound like a grunting, primitive animal.
  • Constantly march your robot with other robots, drilling them into unison, to act as one unit.
  • Make them act automatically to orders; train them to obey without thinking.
  • Put them through tests of their "manliness" by putting them through war games.
  • Tell them they will be heroes and will be honored by their country if they fight.
  • Tell them they will be cowards if they don't fight for their country.
  • Tell them, "Freedom has a price—blood!"

  • Teach them to master hand-to-hand combat, to go beyond the usual limits of self-control in order to hurt someone else.
  • Tell them that their enemies are not fully human, so it's all right to eliminate them without feeling.
  • Tell them they will send their enemies home to their Mommies in a "glad bag."
  • Get them to chant "Kill! Kill! Kill!" over and over until they really feel it!
  • Get them to believe that killing is just a job, that after their first one, it won't be so bad.
  • Motivate them to want to kill so badly that they won't feel satisfied until they do it.
  • Tell them that people will need to die to make the world free.
  • Tell them that their loyalty is to their group only.
  • Get their families and community, which also consist of robots, to support them in being a trained soldier, a killer.
  • After they go to war and kill, give them medals to honor their killing and congratulate them on a "job well done!"
  • Tell them, after all this, they are now heroes and patriots.

If you followed the directions correctly, whether your robot, Warhawk, is a boy or girl, a woman or man, it is now ready to do what you trained it for; it has been conditioned to kill other people when given the order to do so. Your experiment is a success; you are to be congratulated!

Freedom FightersHow Warriors Feel Heroic by Killing Enemies

In order to do the terribly destructive acts for which a warrior is "built," a warrior will need to think that what he or she is doing is right, good and even helpful to his or her country, race, and religion.

In order to kill, warriors have to see themselves as the "good guys," the "Freedom Fighter," the "Heroes." Seeing themselves in this way, they can feel right in acting like killers. They can even give each other medals, awards and other honors for killing the enemy.

To a Dead Warrior

This is what happens 
When you let a numskull run your country. 
You should have known better 
Than to vote for him. 

But hey, I guess you always were a numskull, too. 
Now look where it got you. 
You died in a sandpit 
Somewhere in the desert. 
Now you just hang in limbo 
And watch as life goes on all around you. 

But it truly wasn't your fault, you know. 
You had no choice in the matter. 
You were conditioned from the day you were born 
To do their bidding, 
Conditioned to hate and fear the "enemy" 
Whom you have never seen or spoken to, 
But have been taught to hate all your life. 

That is what went wrong. 
There was nothing you could have done. 
You were tricked into believing you were right. 
Your thoughts were programmed from the start. 

From day one you were taught what to do, 
What to say, how to think and feel. 
They taught you who to hate and who to serve. And you played right along. You even believed. 

And now you have broken away from their chains, 
Now you can see the light ... 
All too clearly and much too late. 

- Stirling Dew , 17 years old

The Russian Soldier Who Prevented WW III

The only war there is is in your head! Wake up from the dream!

Shadows of Forgotten AncestorsAn Extraordinary Correspondence on What Prevents Peace from two Young People Taught to be Enemies

If Ignorance Can Bring About War, Education Can Lead To Peace We Can Help Build a More Peaceful Future – One Book at a Time

The most important element of a free society is independent, intelligent thinking. Conflict in human relationships is created by thinking that is conditioned to a particular fragmentary point of view due to the particular environment one has grown up in. Our minds are conditioned by origin of birth, education and experiences. The intent of this book is to bring this issue of conditioning, and the tremendous conflict it creates, to the forefront of our awareness.

Download Book

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